By admin / July 15, 2019

What makes New Generation Biofertilizers a better alternative in farming? Here are the reasons!

Excessive chemical inputs usage, hard soils, low pest resistance and stagnant/declining yields have become global challenges in agriculture. Majority of farmers today are struggling to balance higher input costs and maintenance of yields. This has led to a subsequent decline in profits with farmers actively searching for sustainable solutions or...

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By admin / June 19, 2019

Troubled by frequent water leakage & seepage?

We have long-term & economical waterproofing solutions For a construction to sustain a longer life, every small things which damage the structure should be taken care of. One of the most critical and most neglected of these is waterproofing of the structure. The lack of knowledge regarding this leads to...

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By admin / June 15, 2019

The Ultimate Guide on Micro-surfacing

Micro-surfacing is a thin layer of finely graded crushed stone, mineral fillers, asphalt emulsion and water blended together in proper proportions, spread on the road surface. It is very similar to slurry seal. Micro-surfacing helps seal the cracks and protects the existing bituminous layers from surface voids & minor ruts,...

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By admin / June 7, 2019

Advantages of using Bio-fertilizers

Hard soils and declining productivity is and will be the biggest challenge faced by farmers in the years to come. We all understand that the uncontrolled used of chemical inputs and unsustainable farm practices is the main culprit; however, the solution is far from clear and understood. Bio-fertilizers have been...

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