By admin / September 18, 2018

How mycorrhiza benefits crops?

Mycorrhiza is a beneficial soil fungi. It symbiotically associates with the plant root zone (rhizosphere) with its large network of hyphae, thus effectively increasing the surface area for water & nutrient absorption by plants. The hyphae directly deliver water & plant-available nutrients to the plant roots in exchange for carbohydrates...

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By admin / August 31, 2018

Textile Printing and Its Advantages

Textiles, a basic human need has always been a hotspot for innovation. A major modern concern of producers as well as environment groups has been the fact that textile coloring processes involve dyes. The discharge processes have a damaging effect on the environment and involve consumption of large volumes of...

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By admin / August 4, 2018

How Nanotechnology provides great solutions to road construction issues

What affects road construction quality the most? With greater push on sustainability, road construction is becoming an affair that presents many opportunities for innovation and development. The problems are basically two-fold Construction Quality Affected by moisture and other factors Using resources efficiently and sustainably Water, which is otherwise a boon,...

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By admin / July 30, 2018

Biological Farming Solutions – An Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers

Challenges in Agriculture: Declining soil health (Hard soils, Low organic matter & soil biological activity) Stagnating or declining yields Increasing cost of cultivation Air & water pollution (Chemical run off and volatilization of chemical inputs) Affordable (Can be even considered for Low-cost Mass housing) Solution: Biological Farming The solution is...

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