By admin / May 21, 2019

The Basics of Textile Sizing – Explained!

What is Sizing? Production of ‘quality’ fabric economically and efficiently is key aim of any textile company.Sizing is an intermediate protective process which is done to prepare the yarn for the weaving process. The process of applying a protective adhesive (synthetic/ natural) coating upon the yarns surface is called sizing....

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By admin / March 16, 2019

Soil Stabilisation Techniques

The role of soil is crucial for the design and construction of any structure, be it roads, runways or railway tracks. This is because it acts as the medium for effective load transfer in to the earth. This implies that a weak soil base will eventually cause settlement of the...

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By admin / January 16, 2019

Why is the combination of bio-fertilizers & soil conditioner important for sustainable farming?

Synthetic fertilizers are rampantly used in conventional farming. They initially resulted in high yields but over the last few decades, it has lead to a decline in soil health and stagnation in yield quantity & quality. To counter this problem, a combination of both biofertilizers and soil conditioners is the...

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By admin / December 25, 2018

Bitumen emulsion for soil stabilization

What is stabilization? Stabilisation is the process of improving the engineering properties of the soil before construction. Stabilisation is done to improve the CBR of the soil to be used for a specific construction purpose. This can be done using various additives including Portland cement, fly ash, lime, bitumen etc....

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