Sustainable farming for NUTRITIOUS, SAFE and AFFORDABLE food for ALL


Conventional high intensity farming has led to the destruction of natural soil ecosystems. Specifically, excessive use of synthetic crop inputs such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides has over a period of time destroyed this beneficial ecosystem, which is a crucial part of crop nutritional sustenance and growth.
A decline in the soil’s natural biodiversity and increased dependence on high chemical input practices, often lead to a decline in the crop nutritional content and farming output. This results in a vicious cycle of unsustainable farming practices. Even though a typical soil contains a substantial level of nutrients, the lack of a robust microbial community leads to high chemical input dependent farming.

These widely prevalent unsustainable farming practices have now resulted in the need for advanced and effective biology booster solutions for soils. Biofertilizers and soil additives that enhance the overall capabilities of soil are becoming adopted increasingly in farming practices.

Zydex, one of India’s leading biofertilizer manufacturers, has developed a revolutionary soil additive that enhance the overall capabilities of soil. Over the years, Zydex has earned a reputation of being the most preferred biofertilizer supplier and exporter because of the revolutionary bio solutions that they have come up with for ensuring sustainable agriculture.

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