Water infiltration causes seepage, leading to cracking of cement / plaster / concrete surfaces, efflorescence, rebar corrosion and fungal growth.

Most of the seepage control and water seepage repair chemicals have failed because they interact with the surfaces only from the outside by forming a protective layer. The best and most cost effective seepage solution is treating surfaces and micro-cracks and making the structure waterproof, with deep penetration. The water soluble ability of Zydex technology enables the treatment of surfaces at micro and nano levels through a chemical reaction. These micro and nano level reactions ensure that the seepage control is achieved with tremendous success.

  • 100% Silane
  • Water-soluble nanotechnology
  • Thermal and UV stability
  • Life: 20+ years
  • Penetrative in very fine pores and cracks
  • Reactive & non-leachable

  • Acrylic co-polymer compatible with Zycosil+ & Cement
  • Seals and Waterproofs fine cracks and porous plaster
  • Water-resistant Paint Primer
  • Excellent bonding with cement / new plaster on zycosil+ treated surfaces


                                      ZYCOSIL+ & ZYCOPRIME+


  • Clean the surface thoroughly with a wire brush. Remove dirt, dust, fungus, paint, etc. Use water spray or high pressure pump if needed.
  • Allow it to dry for 12 hours
  • Slowly mix 1 ltr Zycosil+ in 20 ltrs potable water (TDS<1000 ppm)
  • Add 2 ltrs Zycoprime+ to this solution.                                                                                                                 (Zycosil + : Zycoprime +: Water in the ratio of 1:2:20)
  • Apply the above via spray/ roller brush / flooding / injection


  • Use the diluted solution within 24 hours
  • Check the treated surface for waterproofing after full drying  (3-7 days)
  • Confirm waterproofing with RILEM tube test or by water ponding
  • Never stop the application halfway or apply in patches. Always apply till saturation (no further absorption even after 2-3 minutes of spraying)
  • If you have to leave the work incomplete, small marking with chalk can be done
  • After drying, the treatment makes the surface water-resistant; Since full saturation is critical for long-term performance, it is important to saturate the surface before it has dried.


  • Horizontal : 24-40 m² (240-400 ft²)
  • Vertical : 60-100 m² (600-1000 ft²)
    (The actual coverage will depend on the porosity of the substrate)

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