Soil stabilization solutions offered by Zydex industries, include Terrasil and ZycoBond, which together improve the maximum dry density (MDD), reduce water permeability, increase resilient modulus and improve flexibility in the soil bases. This technology also complements conventional soil additives like cement and lime by eliminating the degradation of the cementatious bonds hence increasing durability.

We offer an innovative solution to improve the strength (CBR) and stability of the locally available soils, thus offering a cost effective method for soil stabilization. Our technology imparts soil waterproofing to all the soil layers and also prevents water ingress and capillary action into the road bases successfully eliminating water-induced pavement damage

  • 100% organosilane, water-soluble and reactive soil modifier
  • Reduces water permeability of soil bases whilst maintaining 100% vapour permeability
  • Forms a breathable waterproofed stone base layer
  • Maintains frictional values between silt, sand & clay particles leading to retention of strength and resistance to deformation
  • Maintains dry CBR in wet conditions

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