Zydex has developed a new generation of biofertilizers to improve soil fertility by enhancing soil softness and porosity with a high-quality soil biology booster approach for plant growth and survival. The key feature is the extended white root zone and a large active rhizosphere to increase water and nutrient absorption. In one crop cycle, 100% chemical fertilizer nutrients can be replaced by enhancing the bio-availability of the nutrients such as NPK through our NPK bacterial consortia and other soil biology boosters. The farmers have seen higher plant germination and survival, less stress, greener leaves, faster growth, higher yields and have successfully eliminated chemical inputs by adopting project Farm Revival (Prakalp Sanjivani Protocol).

Improved soil structure and a higher stable organic content allows the soil to remain soft and porous throughout the crop cycle, 365 days/year. The seasonal rains get fully absorbed in the farm soils due to an improved infiltration rate. The farmer is able to harvest rainwater in his own field and improve the water table. With a larger root zone and elimination of chemical fertilizers, water consumption reduces by up to 50%, leading to enhanced recharging of the groundwater table.

Zytonic M
  • Improved germination & plant survival
  • Increased yield & quality
  • Reduced irrigation & extension of irrigation
    cycles (drought resistance)
  • Reduction in chemical fertilizers
  • Reduction in crop care chemicals
  • Improved overall soil health: Soft, aerated &
    porous soils with enhanced biological activity
Zytonic NPK
  • Higher Yields
  • Enhanced Flowering (low dropping) & Fruiting
  • Improved Quality & Shelf-life
  • Enhanced Soil health & Biological activity
Zytonic Zinc
  • Enhanced chlorophyll & carbohydrate formation through enzyme activation
  • Improved overall plant immunity
  • Ability to withstand cold temperatures by enhancing conversion of starches to sugars
  • Zinc is essential in the formation of auxins (plant growth hormone), which help with growth regulation and stem elongation
Zytonic K
  • Enhanced crop quality & overall yields
  • Improved water regulation
  • Improved fruit/grain quality
  • Prevents energy losses & improves plant energy efficiency
  • Reduces lodging & retards crop diseases