Most of the crop care chemicals spread inefficiently, are absorbed quickly and induce metabolic stress in the plant. This affects the growth and sometimes leads to scorching. The new nano-encapsulation technology of Zytonic Active, allows a substantial reduction of crop care chemicals (up to 50%) including herbicides, with better efficacy, reduced metabolic stress and enhanced duration of control. The elimination of misting during the spray operation using power sprays is a great help to protect the farmworkers from coming in contact and inhaling the toxic chemicals.

  • Nano-adjuvant Technology
  • Enhanced spreading and reduction of crop care chemicals (including herbicides) up to 50%, with extended efficacy
  • Reduced phytotoxicity
  • Enhanced photosynthesis with higher overall growth
  • Improved retention/adhesion & resistance to being washed out during rains (wash-off resistance)
  • Eliminates misting and improves targeted spray
  • Non-toxic and reduces field worker exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Retains wetness/moisture on the plant for a longer period of time and makes pesticide spray more effective
  • Decreases spray droplet bounce & is resistant to being washed out during rains