Traditionally made FYM is often lumpy and partially digested, which is not very effective and is difficult to use.

The new Zytonic Godhan/ BioDigester technology uses the fungal bio-digestion mechanism which improves the conversion of biomass to humus and humic substances (blackish). These humates are stable forms of organic carbon and add to the soil CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) to boost nutrient uptake. The Zytonic technology enhances water holding capacity and aeration of the compost to speed up digestion, promoting the exponential growth of the beneficial aerobic soil biological population (bacteria, fungi-mycorrhizae, protozoa, nematodes, etc.).

The digested brownish-black FYM is soft, moist, free-flowing and odourless, which can be spread over a larger area. It also improves the availability of key micronutrients and also ensures higher residual organic content.

  • Zytonic BioDigester/Godhan converts animal dung, crop and fodder residues into humus  rich manure giving it a blackish look. The manure has an earthy odour. This in turn makes the resulting manure richer in nutrients with the ability to enhance soil fertility.
  • An adequate amount of moisture and air increases the biological population by 300 to 5,000 times, thereby recycling organic matter within the soil.
  • Zytonic BioDigester/Godhan enriched manure is easy to crumble and has adequate moisture to keep it soft. It can be spread easily at the rate of 500-1,000 kg per acre.