Life @ Zydex

Our People, are our Pride! They are central to everything we do at Zydex and they are an integral part of our Zydex Family.

Life at Zydex is about innovation backed with passion to constantly work for the cause of Sustainability. We believe that every Zydexian has the potential to make a positive difference to the organization, community and the world at large.

We strongly believe in nurturing and developing talent thereby getting the best out of them and unleashing their potential to create a world-class organization. As we nurture talent, it is important that we reward meritocracy and recognize outstanding talent through a host of Reward & Recognition Programs across the company.

Being a Socially Accountable Employer we believe in Equal Opportunity. Life at Zydex is about diversity and inclusion with no discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, caste, creed, demography, etc.

Life at Zydex is more than just work with a host of cultural and sports activities round the year!

JOIN US! Get on board for an exciting journey!

What Zydexians Say