Sustainable farming for NUTRITIOUS, SAFE and AFFORDABLE food for ALL


Mycorrhiza biofertilizerZydex has developed a next generation soil conditioner based bio-fertilizer that improves the physical and biological properties of the soil to maximize crop productivity.

It is the topsoil (top 20 cm), that is home to beneficial biology such as fungi, bacteria, protozoa, earthworms, etc. The symbiotic nature of this community with the plant enables the conversion of the unavailable nutrients already present in the soil, to an available form that can be subsequently absorbed through the root system. Mycorrhiza based soil conditioners and biofertilizers can play an important role in improving the functioning of the soil biology.  The soil amendment technology from Zydex has demonstrated consistently positive results and can help in promoting sustainable farming.

  • Improved soil structure
  • Enhanced Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Mycorrhiza inoculation

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