The biggest challenge we face in road construction today is to prevent the damage caused by water. Given the focus on sustainability, energy saving is one of the major concerns that has come at the forefront.


Zydex Industries has developed a revolutionary set of nanotechnology solutions for pavements that enables building moisture-resistant, durable & maintenance-free roads. As a road additive manufacturer, we also offer fast action road pavement emulsions for speedy and better paving process which also translates in to time and cost saving for our clients.

Our technology allows road asphalt mixtures to be used in extreme climatic conditions with an increased design life. This innovative Nano-technology addresses all the sub-layers of a typical pavement, and can be used to successfully eliminate water-induced pavement damage. We specialize in offering road pavement emulsions that imparts stability and a longer service life with consistent performance and reduced distresses.

1. Anti-Stripping: Reactive anti-stripping agent with world-class performance
2. Warm-Mix Anti-Stripping: Patented warm-mix technology for building green and long-lasting roads
3. Prime Coat: Penetrative, reactive and waterproofed bond coat
4. Tack Coat: Improved spray, reduced tackiness and quick-setting tack coat
5. Soil Stabilization: Solutions for expansivity control and bonding of in-situ soil to replace stone bases and asphalt layers in road design
6. Microsurfacing: Improved coating and strength
7. Slurry Seal: Improved coating and better WTAT performance
8. Chip Seal (Surface Dressing): Improved strength and bonding to the base
9. Waterproofing of Soil Bases: Water resistance 10-8 cms/sec with bonding
10. Dust Control: 90% dust control in 1st spray with relief up to 98% in 2-3 sprays
11. Asphalt Emulsion Additives: Improved emulsification, reduced particle size and stronger bond strength

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