ZycoTherm-AS is a revolutionary high performance anti stripping additive for asphalt mixes that, unlike conventional anti stripping additives, bonds chemically with aggregates creating a lifelong seamless membrane. It enables 100% coating and wetting, imparts superior anti stripping properties and results in improved moisture resistance of the pavement, at one-tenth the dosage of conventional additives. ZycoTherm-AS can be used to prevent the anti-stripping of the aggregates and bitumen by providing improved bonding and improved stability. Even though ZycoTherm-AS is an Anti-Strip additive for asphalt mixes, it also offers other related benefits including utilizing the locally available aggregates, optimizing the binder content thereby saving costs and aiding in the easy compaction of the mix.

  • Reactive anti-stripping additive eliminating    debonding
  • Helps to reduce oxidation of asphalt binder
  • Stable in hot asphalt binder

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