Addition of Nanotac to cationic bitumen emulsion of CSS-1, which is later used as a slurry seal for surfacing, will help improve WTAT readings and add to structural strength. This allows quick strength development. NanoTac also offers excellent bond strength & delivers water resistant asphalt slurry seal mixes for surfacing.

It improves the flow as well as the spray quality of the bitumen used for slurry seal along with a substantial increase in the bond strength. The setting time is reduced considerably with the addition of NanoTac, up to 15 to 30 minutes with substantial reduction in tacking. This also reduces the slippage of the surface. The slurry seal for resurfacing, mixed with NaoTac allows uniform load transfer due to a better bonding.

  • New generation reactive and 100% organosilane Nanotechnology
  • Excellent wetting
  • Sets quickly
  • Eliminates tyre pick-up

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