Nanotac formulated with cationic bitumen emulsion CSS-1 or CSS-1H shows reduced clogging of nozzles, improved spray, faster setting and excellent bond strength above 1.4 Mpa. Unlike, other additives for tack coat, it also largely reduces tire pick up resulting in a trackless tack asphalt surface. The additive for Tack Coat that we offer, possess excellent bond strength & imparts water resistance to the mixes, thus saving the time required for micro surfacing. Inadequate bonding may cause delamination followed by longitudinal wheel path cracking, fatigue cracking, potholes and other distresses that reduce pavement life. Care should be taken before applying the tack coat materials because improper cleaning of the surface may cause the tack coat materials to bond with the dust and dirt rather than the adjacent layer. This results in excessive tracking of the tack coat materials.

  • New generation reactive and 100% organosilane nanotechnology
  • Excellent wetting
  • Sets quickly
  • Eliminates tyre pick-up

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