Warm Mix Asphalt is one of the preferred alternatives for paving as it is more environmental friendly than the hot mix asphalt, but with virtually identical results. Increased haul distances from the plant to the site makes it difficult to pave with its reduced workability due to reduction in temperatures over haul time. We offer Asphalt Surfactants for Cold mix asphalt to our clients for improved coating efficiency, anti-stripping properties, oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance and enables lower temperature of compaction up to 40° C. We specialize in warm mix asphalt additives, which deliver better pavements, thereby reducing the fumes, preserving the environment and the health of the people involved

  • Zycotherm: Pumpable up to 10° – 15° C

  • Zycotherm SP: Pumpable up to -5° – 0° C

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