Challenges in Textiles

The textile industry is concerned about the environmental and health impact arising from its manufacturing processes. For a healthier and more sustainable future, these challenges must be tackled using innovative, water-based chemistries that are not only environmentally friendly but durable, and minimize the usage of scarce natural resources such as water.

Solutions from Zydex

Zydex has a range of environmentally friendly textile printing solutions ranging from yarn to finishing that minimize water consumption and moves towards a solvent-free approach. As a leading textile printing inks manufacturer, we have redefined textile solutions in a manner which impart excellent functional and aesthetic properties to finished fabrics and garments. All our textile printing emulsions have been designed keeping resource minimization at its core. Zydex is a global pioneer in replacing solvent based plastisol screen printing inks with water based inks that impart excellent opacity and feel. Further, our range of textile printing ink products allows customers to achieve reactive-like feel and color fastness without the effluent management hassles associated with reactives.

We offer a range of textile products in the following areas:

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