Zydex manufactures globally benchmarked pigment printing thickeners,dyeing & levelling chemicals,binders and additives. Zydex pigment printing system provides a super soft feel and smoothness without compromising crock and washing standards achieved by reactive printing. Zydex polymeric thickeners provide equivalent solidity and leveling to that of reactives at pigment concentrations above 0.8 percent. As the leading printing thickener manufacturer, Zydex offers ideal solutions for customers wanting to minimize water usage and achieve ZLD (zero liquid discharge) status in the future. This system is non-toxic and meets RSL and GOTS standards for textile printing having free formaldehyde levels less than 16 ppm on the final printed fabric meeting majority of global norms.

ZYTROL 600, ZYTROL 700 and ZYTROL 800

  • Binders for soft feel, good crock, washing fastness, colour value / brightness and lower thickener consumption


  • Thickener for sharp prints (non-bleeding) on 100% polyester / blends
  • Excellent brilliancy and solidity


  • Excellent brilliancy and solidity
  • Excellent levelling properties


  • Excellent softness

RAN 5000 TSP and RAN 5000 BLACK TSP

  • Ready-to-use pigment pastes


  • Easy wash, excellent solidity and soft feel

R 2000 & R 3000

  • High opacity with soft hand feel

K2 & K3 Clears

  • Excellent wash & rub resistance (Wet & Dry)

  • High stretch
  • Very soft feel

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