Waterproofing, Waterproofing Chemicals – Prolonged exposure to water causes accelerated ageing and damage to civil structures. Conventional waterproofing chemicals and waterproofing membranes form a barrier over these civil structures to prevent water ingress. Most of the waterproofing chemical manufacturers and suppliers provide products that don’t form a strong chemical bond with the civil structures. With time, most of these waterproofing chemical products generally peel-off and crack, resulting in complete waterproofing failure as physical adhesion has its limitations.

With conventional paints, the main challenge has been that they are unable to provide the opacity to finish painting in a single coat. This increases time, labor and scaffolding expenses.


1. Seepage Proofing:

Penetrative and reactive waterproofing technology which is permanent and easy to apply for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The cement and concrete structures are rendered waterproof up to 1 mm deep, making the treatment exceptionally durable to weathering.

2. Leakage Proofing:

Elastic membrane with 200 – 250% elongation for exceptional crack bridging performance with excellent weather resistance.Acrylic sealant with high % solids (88%), having exceptional elasticity and minimum shrinkage for crack filling.

3. Cold Joint Solution:

Ultimate water-based adhesive with 34 KN strength equivalent to M-25 concrete, while maintaining elasticity. Being water-based, it is easy to spray or brush apply.

4. Tile & Stone Bonding:

Water-based flexible adhesive, stronger than epoxy. Grades available to install heavy granites, large & small tiles with very high bond strength.

5. Paints:

Superior range of one-coat paints with exceptional sheen and high durability. Considerable labour-saving with faster completion of the project.

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