Water infiltration causes seepage, leading to cracking of cement / plaster / concrete surfaces, efflorescence, rebar corrosion and fungal growth.

Most of the seepage control and water seepage repair chemicals have failed because they interact with the surfaces only from the outside by forming a protective layer. The best and most cost effective seepage solution is treating surfaces and micro-cracks and making the structure waterproof, with deep penetration. The water soluble ability of Zydex technology enables the treatment of surfaces at micro and nano levels through a chemical reaction. These micro and nano level reactions ensure that the seepage control is achieved with tremendous success.

  • 100% Silane
  • Water-soluble nanotechnology
  • Thermal and UV stability
  • Life: 20+ years
  • Penetrative in very fine pores and cracks
  • Reactive & non-leachable

  • Acrylic co-polymer compatible with Zycosil+ & Cement
  • Seals and Waterproofs fine cracks and porous plaster
  • Water-resistant Paint Primer
  • Excellent bonding with cement / new plaster on zycosil+ treated surfaces

  • Organosilane Technology
  • Reactive, Penetrative & Permanent
  • Life: 20+ years
  • Water-soluble nanotechnology
  • Easy to Apply
  • Breathable & UV Resistant
  • Penetrates Deep up to 3-4 mm
  • Suitable for Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
  • Protects Substrate from Deterioration due to Weathering
  • Protects against Algae and Fungal Growth
  • No Membrane Required

  • Reduces Porosity
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • Excellent Wet Adhesion
  • Strong Bonding (30 kN) to Cementitious Concrete & Plaster Surfaces


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